Reduce PDF File Size

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Reduce pdf file size can save you much time when you want to exchange or transfer large PDF documents. Just imagine you have a slow internet connection and you want to email a big PDF file to your customer. It would take a long time if you don't reduce the PDF file's size.

If you want to put PDF files in Kindle or other mobile devices, it is also useful to reduce pdf file size because mobile devices usually have smaller limit storage space. Apparently, you can put more smaller PDF files in Kindle to read, right?

PDF Compressor is a brand new application which can help you reduce pdf file size easily. It provides several options so that you can choose and compress pdf based on you needs.

PDF Compressor

If you have thousands of PDF files, you would find that PDF Compressor is very handy because the application can batch process unlimited PDF files at once. All you need to to do is to download and install PDF Compressor, drag and drop your pdf files to the application's main window and click Start button. That's all. No special knowledge or training.

If you have a touchable windows device like Microsoft Surface or Ultrabook, you are also in luck. PDF Compressor is touch ready with finger-friendly buttons. You can switch between desktop mode and touch mode with one click.

Try out PDF Compressor, reduce pdf file size now!