How to compress a PDF?

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How to compress a PDF? When you have a large PDF document, especially when the PDF file contains a lot of images, you may wonder how to compress the PDF file and make it smaller. Don't worry, it is very easy. Just read on!

PDF Compressor


  1. Download PDF Compressor. And follow the instructions in the installer to install the application.

  2. Use the Add Files command. After successful installation, run the application, then add the PDF file you want to compress to the application. You can also drag and drop the PDF file on the application.

    Note: PDF Compressor supports batch mode. It can process thousands of PDF files at once. You can also add a folder to PDF Compressor. The application will scan and import all the PDF files in the folder.

  3. Customize the compression settings based on your needs. Just click the "Compression Settings" button. A compression settings window will be shown.

  4. Choose the output location. This step is optional. You can also leave it as default. By default, the compressed result PDF file will be placed in "My Documents\PDF Compressor Output".

  5. Click "Start" button to start compression. Then just wait a few seconds. Generally, The compression speed is very fast.


If the PDF file has been compressed before, PDF Compressor would not be able to compress it any more.